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Mrs. Meir’s 24th Anniversary Message; Cooperation and Support of World Jewry Made Possible Great Gai

Premier Golda Meir presented a long list of gains for Israel during the past year which she said would have been impossible to accomplish “without the cooperation and support of world Jewry.” Mrs. Meir made the statement in a message to Rabbi Israel Miller, president of the American Zionist Federation on the occasion of the 24th anniversary of Israel’s independence to be celebrated next week. The AZF released the message today.

Mrs. Meir mentioned continuation of the cease-fire which began 19 months ago and the absorption of increasing numbers of Jews from the Soviet Union. “From the countries of the West,” she said, “more and more people, including many young people, have decided to tie their future to the land of Israel and to actively participate in the great drama of building a land and a people.”

The Premier also noted Israel’s increased efforts to raise the living standards of the less privileged sectors of its population “by making sure that the levels of their housing, education, health and social services continue to rise and to improve.” She said that “Industry and agriculture continue to develop and the fruit of our land is finding its way to more and more countries.” Mrs. Meir said, “As we face the New Year which will bring us to the 25th anniversary of our renewed independence, we do so in confidence and determination and in full recognition of the challenges that lie ahead.”