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Aj Congress Urges More Funds for Jewish Educational Activities

The American Jewish Congress, at the closing session today of its national biennial conference, urged greater support for Jewish education as “essential” to Jewish survival, and called for intensified programs to increase Job and educational opportunities for minority groups but condemned preferential quotas in employment and university admissions. The 500 delegates also denounced the Nixon administration’s “desperate act of brinkmanship in mining the harbors of North Vietnam and creating the possibility of a confrontation with the Soviet Union and China,” They called on the White House to “stop all acts of war” and to remove American military forces from Southeast Asia.

The AJ Congress resolutions specifically called on Jewish federations and welfare funds to provide greater allocations to Jewish educational programs, particularly “Jewish day schools, cultural activities and student initiated projects.” On the issue of quotas, the AJ Congress expressed strong opposition to measures which hold that “race is an indispensable occupational qualification” or that “the percentage of minority groups in the employment forces and the school population should under all circumstances bear a proportional representation to the population.”