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Sen. Allott Upholds Israel’s Right to Remain in Administered Territories

Sen. Gordon Allott (R. Col.), chairman of the Republican policy committee of the Senate, said in a speech on the Senate floor yesterday that Israel would be “irresponsible” if she withdrew to her pre-1967 war borders, and that other nations are “reprehensible” for suggesting such withdrawal because “Israel faces, day by day, armed ignorance laced with cruelty.”

In one of the strongest anti-Arab, pro-Israel speeches heard in this session of the Congress, Allott pointed to the clash between Israeli and Egyptian aircraft over the Eastern Mediterranean, just two weeks after the “murderous terrorism at Lydda Airport.” The air battle, he said, “dramatizes the fact that the cease-fire in that region is too tenuous to rely on” and that “the possibility of renewed fighting must be Israel’s principal consideration as it struggles to provide for its own security.”

Allott scored Egyptian Prime Minister Aziz Sidky’s reaction to the Lydda slaughter. “The Prime Minister’s reaction demonstrated his ignorance is invincible,” he said.