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Mc Govern Urges Arab States Let Jews ‘leave in Peace’

Sen. George McGovern (D.S.D.), called on Arab governments, particularly the Syrian government today, to permit the remnants of their Jewish populations to emigrate “in the name of humanity.” The Democratic Presidential aspirant said he had been “deeply moved by reports that have reached me of a mounting campaign of oppression and terror against Jews living in Arab lands and particularly in Syria.”

Speaking in response to an appeal by the Committee for the Rescue of Syrian Jews, Sen. McGovern said “there can be no doubt about the authenticity of these reports” which he described as “a melancholy catalogue of imprisonment, torture and other forms of cruelty.”

“In the name of humanity, I call on the responsible governmental authorities of these countries to let these people go,” Sen. McGovern said. “Let them depart from a country that rejects and scorns them. If you will not let them live in peace, then let them leave in peace for the land that will receive them and to which they yearn to go, the land of Israel.”