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Italian Communist Party Sends Envoy to Arab States to Protest Terrorist Methods

The Italian Communist Party sent a special envoy to Egypt, Syria and Lebanon today to convey the party’s condemnation of the May 30 Lydda Airport massacre and the use of similar terrorist methods. Reno Salati, the CP’s representative, is scheduled to meet with government officials in the three Arab countries and with representatives of Palestinian guerrilla organizations. The Party reportedly instructed Salati to stress that terrorism seriously jeopardizes the Bologna Conference, which aims to serve as a bridge between Israel and the Arabs.

Backed by the Communist movements, that conference has already been postponed several times, mainly because of Arab reluctance to send official delegations. The most recent postponement occurred when Egyptian delegates, including leftist leader Khaled Moukhieddine, were reportedly arrested on President Anwar Sadat’s orders. Members of Italy’s Communist Party are presently considering whether to hold the conference some time in Sept.