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Israel Engineers Propose Plans to End Jamming of Programs to USSR

Ministry of Communications engineers have submitted to Communications Minister Shimon Peres a number of plans aimed at combatting the Soviet jamming of Kol Zion Lagola broadcasts. Since April the Soviets have consistently jammed all Israeli broadcasts in Russian, Georgian, Yiddish and Hebrew beamed at Eastern Europe. As soon as the broadcasts begin, the Russians transfer their broadcasting stations to the frequency range used by Israel. The interference prevents listeners in the Soviet Union from receiving the broadcasts.

In an attempt to widen the scope of possible Soviet reception of Kol Zion Lagola broadcasts, the Ministry recently started experimental broadcasts on its third program, broadcast at night. The program is now being transmitted after midnight by a powerful transmitter which is picked up in the Southern Soviet Union.

A meeting will be held with representatives of the Ministries of Finance, Foreign Affairs and Communications to discuss possible solutions.