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W. German Official Says Egypt Should Not Be Pressed for Repayment of Debts Predicts Further Commerci

Hans Juergen Wischnewski, the government’s Middle East expert, recommended yesterday that West Germany should not press Egypt for payment of its outstanding debts to this country, Wischnewski, a Social Democratic member of the Bundestag’s foreign affairs committee who recently returned from a tour of Arab countries, said Bonn should demonstrate understanding for Egypt’s difficult economic situation.

He said he believed West Germany should grant Egypt further credits and that together with other Common Market countries, should attempt to secure the reopening of the Suez Canal at the earliest moment. Wischnewski predicted an intensification of commercial relations between Bonn and Cairo. Official circles here interpreted his remarks as an indication that Bonn would agree to postpone the repayment by Egypt of a 250 million Mark loan. Egypt has asked for a postponement.