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Gaza Mayor Narrowly Escapes Death when Assassination Attempt Fails

Mayor Rashid Shawa of Gaza narrowly escaped death today when three would-be assassins peppered his car with bullets and threw a hand-grenade that failed to explode. Shawa, a controversial figure in Gaza because of his leanings toward King Hussein of Jordan, was attacked outside the walls of his house while driving home early in the afternoon with other local Arab notables in his car.

Pistol bullets penetrated the windshield but no one was hurt. Security forces are combing the area today for the attackers. Shawa has been a frequent visitor to Amman and is believed to favor the incorporation of the Gaza Strip into a Palestinian entity under Jordanian influence or as part of the West Bank that he hopes will eventually be returned to Jordan. He is known to have made many enemies especially among pro-Egyptian elements in the Gaza Strip.