…lindsay Hopes for End to Oppression
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…lindsay Hopes for End to Oppression

Mayor John V. Lindsay noted in his Rosh Hashana message to the Jewish community that “There are differences among people, but every group has its own unique contribution to make to our common culture as members of the human family.”

Lindsay said that “Jewish history this past year has had its bright and its dark chapters. Israel remained what it has been since the birth of the State–a haven for Jews who find there what they cannot find in the countries they left behind –the freedom to live as Jews. In the Soviet Union, they are denied the right to their spiritual and cultural expression. In Syria and other Arab countries, the Jewish community suffers great persecution.”

“It is my deepest hope that in the year to come this situation will change, and that oppressed Jews will be accorded the rights which are due them and that they will be free to emigrate to Israel and other lands of their choosing.”

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