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Israeli Envoy Deplores British Vote on Security Council Resolution

Michael Comay, the Israeli ambassador to Britain, expressed to British Foreign Secretary Sir Alec Douglas Home at a meeting today Israel’s concern and displeasure over Britain’s affirmative vote for the three-power resolution in the United Nations Security Council last Sunday which called for an immediate halt to all military operations in the Middle East.

Britain had attempted to introduce an amendment to the three-power resolution which deplored “deeply all acts of terrorism and violence and all breaches of the cease-fire in the Middle East,” but did not receive a majority vote.

Questions relating to the Munich tragedy were on the docket in the House of Commons yesterday. Labor MP Greville Janner addressed four questions to the Foreign Secretary regarding government action to curb terrorist activities in the Munich aftermath. Janner said he wanted to know whether the Foreign Secretary will “raise at the UN the kidnapping and murder of Israeli participants in the Olympic games” and whether he would protest in that regard “to those Arab governments which give shelter to the terrorists.”

Janner also said he wanted to know whether the Foreign Secretary “will press at the UN for the introduction of sanctions against those member countries which provide shelter or finance to terrorist organizations”; whether he will “introduce more stringent measures at Britain’s airports” and whether he will protest in the Security Council “the harboring by member states of terrorist organizations and their members.”