Liberal Party Leader Proposes Britain Ban Air Flights to Libya
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Liberal Party Leader Proposes Britain Ban Air Flights to Libya

Jeremy Thorpe, leader of Britain’s Liberal Party, lashed out against air piracy in a speech here last night and proposed that Britain ban all flights to Libya until Libya ceases to harbor and sustain terrorists. “No considerations of oil supplies should prevent international action against those bent on destroying international communications,” Thorpe said at the 24th annual dinner of the Anglo-Israel Association. He shared the platform with Mayor Teddy Kollek of Jerusalem.

Referring to West Germany’s release of the three terrorists, Thorpe said, “We realize that Germany has an honorable government and that they are distressed as we all are. But we should also realize that appeasement of murderers is bound to have disastrous results.”

Kollek in his address dismissed proposals for the internationalization of Jerusalem as “too ridiculous and too repugnant to contemplate by anybody in his senses.” He said, however, that ways and means could be found to preserve the Arab character of the quarter where they dwell and favored giving them the right to decide their own affairs. Kollek described Jerusalem today as “a city of tolerance as well as a city of beauty.”

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