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Bush: Any Nation Condoning Terrorism Will Be Ostracized by International Community

George Bush, United States Ambassador to the United Nations, warned last night that any nation which continues to condone acts of international terrorism will be ostracized by other countries of the world. Addressing 800 persons attending the annual New York dinner of the Zionist Organization of America, Bush said “every political fanatic” must know that “no matter what his cause, it does not Justify endangering the lives of innocent parties. All acts of terrorism must be condemned,” he said. “If the entire world is to be made a battleground” for localized disputes, “how can the civilized world endure?”

At the dinner, which marked the 25th anniversary this month of the UN Resolution on the partition of Palestine that resulted in Israel’s establishment, Bush was presented with a sterling silver Jewish amulet for his “distinguished statesmanship” at the UN. The amulet, of 17th century Renaissance design and containing a parchment scroll of a portion from the Torah, was given to Bush by Herman L. Weiman, president of the ZOA.