Deny Kissinger Met with Gen. Yariv
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Deny Kissinger Met with Gen. Yariv

The government denied today a French radio report that an Israeli official met with Dr. Henry Kissinger in Paris last week to discuss a possible new U.S. peace initiative in the Middle East. The report identified the official as Gen. Aharon Yariv, former Army intelligence chief who is Premier Golda Meir’s advisor on security affairs.

The Prime Minister’s office said today that the story was “without substance.” Another government spokesman said of the alleged meeting, “It never happened.” The spokesman confirmed, however, that Yariv was in Paris from Dec. 7-12 to attend fund-raising functions.

(In Washington, both Kissinger’s press aide and the deputy press secretary at the White House, Gerald Warren, maintained that no meeting had taken place between the American and Israeli officials.)

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