Arab States Supply El Fatah with $85 Million a Year
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Arab States Supply El Fatah with $85 Million a Year

El Fatah gets $85 million a year from the Arab states, primarily from Libya, Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf states, a former member of El Fatah’s financial section revealed in a German television interview. The man an Arab, did not disclose his identity, but his story has been corroborated by German and Mideast security services.

He said that Libya’s President Muammar El-Qaddafi, gave a reward of $5 million to Yassir Arafat, the Fatah leader, for the Munich massacre, in addition to the annual payments. The informant said there is no difference between El Fatah and the Black September movement; they are the same organization.

The Black September’s operations commander was identified as Ali Hassan Salame. Weapons were supplied by Egypt, Syria, Algeria, the Soviet Union and China. Egypt and Syria did not provide El Fatah with any funds, according to the informant.

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