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Swedish Envoy in Baghdad Urged to Help Save Kashkosh Survivor

The Public Committee for Iraqi Jews has appealed to the Swedish Ambassador in Baghdad to try to save the life of 22-year-old Dori Kashkosh whose parents, sister and two brothers were reportedly murdered by Iraqi secret police in their home April 12. The girl, a university student, is reportedly in hiding.

The Committee has asked the Swedish envoy to grant her Swedish citizenship as protection from Iraqi authorities who may try to take her life. The Baghdad authorities want to confiscate the Kashkosh family’s property and cover up their crime, the Committee said. Dori Kashkosh was saved only because she was attending classes at the university on the morning of April 12 when police entered her home and murdered five members of her family after a brief altercation, reports said.

The Israel-based Committee has also approached Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Yosef Tekoah, to request an international investigation of the Kashkosh murders and of the fate of 16 other Iraqi Jews missing since last fall.