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Disclose Kashkosh Family Slain in Revenge for Death of Three Terrorists by Israeli Commandos

The five members of the Kashkosh family were brutally gunned down by Iraqi security forces in revenge for the death of three terrorist leaders killed during the Israeli commando raid on Beirut April 10, it was disclosed here today. The shooting occurred April 12 during a mourning procession in Baghdad for the three terrorists. The security forces burst into the Kashkosh home and opened fire with automatic weapons killing Reuven Kashkosh, his sons, Fuad and Samir, and his daughter Joyce, and mortally wounding his wife, Clementine.

The disclosures were made by a tourist who recently visited Iraq. He told ITIM. the Israeli news agency, that the tragedy occurred as the Kashkosh family was packing its bags to leave Iraq. Mrs. Kashkosh managed to crawl out of her home and told the story before she died Another Kashkosh daughter, Dori, was saved because she was attending classes at the university at the time. She is currently reported to be living with a Jewish family in Baghdad.

The tourist said that Iraqi Jews believe that all the Jews who have disappeared in Baghdad since last Sept, have been killed because the authorities have confiscated their property.