Israel Takes Serious View of Egyptian Missile Attack
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Israel Takes Serious View of Egyptian Missile Attack

Military circles take a serious view of Egypt’s hostile action over the Suez Canal last Thursday when SAM-2 missiles were fired at Israeli planes in flight over Sinai near the southern end of the waterway. The planes were in Israeli airspace and, according to Israeli sources, returned safely to their bases.

The seriousness with which Israeli officials regard the incident, the first of its kind since last Feb. was adduced by the fact that a military spokesman issued a communique. On two previous occasions when Egyptians fired missiles, no communique was issued.

An Army spokesman denied an Egyptian claim that the missiles were fired at Israeli aircraft trying to penetrate Egyptian airspace. They also denied Egypt’s claim that an Israeli Phantom jet was hit. According to eye witnesses all of the missiles exploded in mid-air. The missiles are equipped with a self-destruct device that activates when they miss their target.

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