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Jewish Scientists Are Non-persons

Jewish sources in the Soviet Union reported yesterday that the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences now refuses to publish or even mention the work of Jewish scientists who have emigrated to Israel or are waiting for permission to emigrate. The Academy’s publishing house, “Naukova Dumka,” has dismissed its technical editor, Pokrovskaya, for permitting a bibliographical reference to the works of Prof.Barboy of Kiev, who emigrated to Israel last year, in one of the books published. She had worked at the Academy for 20 years.

At the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian Republic, Prof. Golodets, an expert on research into catalysts, was severely reprimanded for the publication in a Moscow magazine of a scientific paper in co-authorship with his colleague, Prof. Kventsel, who left for Israel in July 1972. Prof. Ilya Goldenfeld, head of the physics department at the Institute, was recently subjected to a loyalty check by a special commission for openly stating at a meeting that such intimidatory measures were immoral and illegal.