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17th American Kibbutz Launched

Establishment of the 17th American kibbutz nucleus, which will join Kibbutz Har-El in the Jerusalem hills, and the start of a program of expansion in major American and Canadian cities were announced at the national convention of the Hashomer Hatzair Zionist youth organization which ended here Thursday.

Avraham Shenker, member of the World Zionist Executive and head of its Organization and Information Department, told the 200 delegates from 13 cities that the Zionist youth movements had a vital role in combatting assimilation and “status quo” attitudes in the American Jewish community. He praised Hashomer Hatzair for its “pioneering role” in Zionist camping and for its “steady stream” of young immigrants to join kibbutzim in Israel.

Shenker said “the challenge to Hashomer Hatzair in the next decades is to spread the ideal of radical and constructive Zionist action by Jewish youth in America.” Greetings were presented by Chaim Borenstein of Israel for the Hashomer Hatziair world movement, by Moshe Kagan in the name of Americans for Progressive Israel – HH who were the sponsors of the American youth movement in the U.S., and by Akiva Nir of Kibbutz Shomrat. The five-day conclave celebrated the 50th anniversary of Hashomer Hatzair in the U.S.