12,000 Jews Celebrate Closing of Israel’s 25th Anniversary
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12,000 Jews Celebrate Closing of Israel’s 25th Anniversary

About 12,000 Jews, 5000 of them youths carrying banners and shouting, “aliya,” filled the Luna Park stadium last night to celebrate the closing of Israel’s 25th anniversary year. The event was sponsored by the Argentine Zionist Organization, in cooperation with the Buenos Aires Kehilla the Federation of Argentine Jewish Communities, the DAIA and the Argentine Jewish Youth Confederation.

The gathering was addressed by the Israeli Ambassador, Eliezer Doron; Itzhak Navon, Deputy Speaker of the Knesset; and Fernando Romarovsky, representing the youth groups. Doron said the creation of Israel climaxed the history of the Jewish people. He asserted that Israel respected world opinion, but no nation can leave its fate in the hands of international bodies where moral principles do not prevail. He was referring to the Aug. 15 UN Security Council resolution condemning Israel for its interception of a Lebanese airliner.

Navon, who spoke in Spanish, said Israel’s most important problem was lack of peace with its neighbors. He said that was not a question of territory, since the Arabs refused to deal with Israel before the 1967 war. Referring to the UN resolution, he said, “Let them condemn us but we wish to continue living.”

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