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9 Scholars Urge Adoption of Mills-vanik Legislation

Nine American scholars on the Soviet Union have sent a telegram to Rep. Wilbur Mills (D.Ark.) urging adoption of the Mills-Vanik Amendment “as a practical measure to safeguard United States interests, human considerations and the long-term stability of detente,” the Academic Committee on Soviet Jewry disclosed today.

The telegram added: “It is imperative to impress the Soviet government that American as well as world public opinion are factors which cannot be flouted if detente is to endure. Past experience indicates that the Soviet government does understand when its overall interests are at stake.”

The nine signers are: Zbigniew Brezinski and Sevryn Bialer, of Columbia; Frederick Barghoorn Victor Ehrlich and Leon Lipson, of Yale; John Armstrong, of the University of Wisconsin; and Robert Byrnes, Maurice Friedberg and Robert Taffe, of the University of Indiana.