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Disengagement Talks Begin; Both, Sides Discuss Principles; Meet Again Friday

Israel and Egypt held this afternoon their first disengagement meeting. After the meeting, which lasted 1 hour and 40 minutes, a United Nations spokesman said that the two sides had discussed “principles of disengagement.” He added that these talks “would facilitate productive discussions in the future.” The next meeting was scheduled for Friday at 10 a.m. Each delegation consisted of three members, two officers and one civilian.

The two delegations, the Israeli and the Egyptian, sat on either side of a 0 table. At the center sat United Nations Truce Chief, Lt. Gen, Ensio Siilasvuo, and two aides. The Israeli delegation, which arrived in Geneva at noon today, consisted of Maj. Gen. Mordechai Gur, Col. Dov Sion and Foreign Ministry official David Ramin. The Egyptian delegation consisted of Maj. Gen. Tahal el Magdoub, Col. Found el Haveidy and Nabil el Araby. It is generally believed here that the talks went into a 24-hour recess in order for each delegation to ask their respective governments for instructions.