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Mrs, Meir Hits Poll Jackpot

Premier Golda Meir of Israel was named the “most admired woman” of 1973 in the annual Gallup Poll in which she received more than twice the number of votes as the next highest, woman, Mrs, Pat Nixon, wife of the President, Mrs, Meir, was first in the poll in 1971 and second in 1972.

The Israeli Premiere was named “The Sun’s Woman of the Year” by the London newspaper, Sun, which ran a full page profile of Premiere Meir Thursday, The article said: “No woman alive has done more to earn this description Like the late Pope John, Golda was first described as a care-taker, a temporary expedient, but turned out to be something very much more…The battle she fought in October was the gravest of her life, surrounded as she was by brilliant but acrimonious generals, There were blunders. Golda may be held responsible for them, But this old lady survived and so far so has Israel.”