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Peace Negotiators Announce Consensus on Some Disengagement Principles Next Meeting Due Jan. 2

The Israeli and Egyptian military delegations negotiating here on disengagement announced Friday after their second meeting that they had reached “consensus on some principles of disengagement”. The two delegations met for two hours and ten minutes at the United Nations European headquarters under the chairmanship of UN truce commander Lt. Gen. Ensio Siilasvuo of Finland.

After the meeting, a UN spokesman read the following communique: “Consensus was reached on some principles of disengagement. There was a further frank exchange of views on other principles. Clarifications were also sought by both sides regarding details of these principles. The next meeting will take place on Jan. 2 at 5 p.m.”

The Israeli delegation consisted of Maj. Gen. Mordehai Gur, Col. Dov Sion and foreign Ministry official David Ramin. The Egyptians were Maj. Gen. Ahmed Tahal el Maghdub, Col. Fuad el Howeidy and Foreign Ministry official Nabil el Araby. Observers in Geneva believe that in spite of the terseness of the communique, the meeting had been constructive. It is also generally believed that the two sides raised specific instances of cease fire violation in the Suez Canal area.