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6 Jewish Students Seeking Asylum in England Fear Reprisals if They Are Forced to Return to Chile

Six of the seven Chilean students seeking asylum in England are Jewish, it was stated here by Stanley Clinton Davis, a Labor member of Parliament and himself Jewish. The plight of the students received world-wide attention after Britain’s Home Secretary Robert Carr refused them political asylum last week. While the Jewishness has no direct bearing on the case the six have claimed that they would face anti-Semitic and political persecution were they forced to return to Chile. One of them claimed that the ruling junta is trying to please the Arab minority in Chile at the expense of the Jewish minority.

The six Jews were identified as: Herman Goldstein, his wife, Tonka Mimica; Luis Neuhauser, his wife, Sonia Tagele, Gregorio Melnick, and Luis Kaffman. The issue of political asylum for the seven students has not yet been decided. They have exercised their right to appeal to the Immigration Tribunal which can overrule the Home Secretary if it sees fit. Davis took part in a deputation to Carr after he announced his refusal to grant the students political asylum.