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Syrians, Israelis in 2-hour Duel

Syrian gunners laid down a barrage of shell fire on the northern front this morning and Israeli artillery responded in a duel that lasted two hours but caused no casualties on the Israeli side. It was the second consecutive day that the Syrians opened fire Yesterday’s three-hour artillery exchange was described by an Israeli military spokesman as the most serious in several weeks. Israeli forces employed their long-range 175 mm. cannon to shell Syrian artillery firing from the outskirts of Damascus.

Today’s shooting was at shorter range but over a wide area of the front. The Syrians opened fire at 10:30 a.m. local time, on Israeli positions in the Mazraat Bet Jan area. Later they shifted to positions at Tel Shams. Tel Maraii, Tel Antar and east of Kuneitra. At one point a Syrian tank opened low trajectory fire on Israeli positions at short range, bringing a reply from Israeli artillery and tanks. Golan Heights settlers spent the afternoon and evening in bomb shelters. Settlement children spent the night in the shelters.