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Greek Ships Chartered by Zim Ordered to Remain in Port Until Cyprus Situation is Clarified

Three Greek ships chartered by the ZIM Shipping Co. were ordered to remain in port today pending the clarification of the political and military situation in Cyprus. Two of the ships are anchored in Haifa, with consignments for Black Sea and Turkish ports. The third is in a Greek port. The Israeli training ship. “Mavoot Yam,” which rescued 42 Turkish armed forces members several weeks ago when the boat they were on sank, was again ordered back to port after it had set sail for another training mission with maritime school cadets.

Meanwhile, as of today, all foreign airlines had resumed their regular schedule to and from Israel. This came after both Turkey and Greece reopened their airspace and said the region was out of danger. El Al has also renewed its flights to Istanbul and Teheran. The resumption of activities by foreign airlines has reduced the pressure on El Al which for the last four days has had to add extra flights to handle persons stranded in Israel or Israelis stranded in Europe.