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Turkish Medics Ask Israeli Medics to Intervene with International Groups over Atrocities in Cyprus

The Israeli Medical Association has been asked by the Turkish Medical Association to intervene with international organizations over alleged Greek-Cypriot atrocities against the Turkish minority on Cyprus. A letter from the Turkish group received by the IMA charged that Greek-Cypriot physicians were refusing to treat Turkish Cypriots in violation of their medical oath and that the Greeks were preventing the Red Cross from attending to the medical needs of the Turkish minority on the island.


The Turkish request remains under consideration, a source said today, but it has created a dilemma for the IMA inasmuch as Israel is trying to remain neutral in the Greek-Turkish conflict over Cyprus. It was noted on the other, hand that the Greek Medical Association never responded to a letter from the IMA describing the mistreatment of Israeli prisoners of war in Syria after the Yom Kippur War.