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Former Eichmann Deputy Now an Advisor on Jewish Affairs for the Syrian Propaganda Ministry

Alois Brunner who was a deputy of Adolf Eichmann and directly responsible for the deportation of 56.000 Viennese Jews to Nazi death camps. is presently employed as an advisor on Jewish affairs by the Syrian Propaganda Ministry. That information was sent today to the Attorney General in Ludwigsburg, West Germany, by Tuvia Friedman, head of the Nazi war crimes documentation institute in Haifa, for use in a case being prepared against 196 Nazi war criminals who participated in the deportation of French Jews.”

Brunner’s presence in Damascus has been known for some time. Efforts by the Austrian authorities to have him extradited were unsuccessful. According to Friedman, Brunner turned upon Vienna in March, 1938 at the time of the “Anschluss” and soon earned the name of “Monster of Vienna.” In addition to the deportation of Viennese Jews, he participated in the extermination of Jews in Slovakia and in the deportation and deaths of 100,000 French Jews. His brother, Anton, was hanged as a war criminal.