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Wjc Adopts ‘declaration of Jerusalem’

The Sixth Plenary Assembly of the World Jewish Congress unanimously adopted a “Declaration of Jerusalem” yesterday which pledged the delegates to “stand steadfast with the people of Israel in the resolve to maintain the unity and integrity of Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel.” The declaration was adopted at the conclusion of a symposium on “Jerusalem and the Jewish People.”

The declaration was issued in the name of “Representatives of Jewish communities on all six continents” who, it said, came to Jerusalem not for the WJC Plenary Assembly alone “but as Pilgrims to renew our commitment to this Holy City as the immemorial center of the spiritual life and aspirations of the whole House of Israel.”

The declaration continued: “We believe that Jerusalem will yet fulfill its vocation in human history as the city of peace and reconciliation, of social justice and human brotherhood.” The declaration added that today there cannot “be even the shadow of a doubt that freedom of worship for all religious communities will be protected by all the powers of the State of Israel.”