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Mapam Leader Reports Soviet Official, Vietcong Delegate Indicate Soft Attitude Toward Israel

A Mapam leader said today that he had received indications favorable to Israel from a high ranking Soviet official and from a representative of the new rulers of South Vietnam who he met at a conference on Vietnam held in Amsterdam recently.

Yacob Mayus, a member of Mapam’s political committee and secretary-general of the Israel Committee for Peace, said a member of the Supreme Soviet, surnamed Koderlachev, told him in Amsterdam that the Soviet government was making efforts to persuade the Arabs, including the Palestinians, to recognize Israel’s right of existence, He said he knew of the visit by two Soviet emissaries to Israel recently.

Mayus also reported that a Vietcong delegate, identified as Din Be-Tieh, indicated that the Vietcong does not rule out talks with Israel and is ready to receive aid from anyone. Din thanked Mayus for the medical aid the Israeli Committee for Peace sent to North Vietnam during the height of the Vietnam war several years ago, the Mapam leader reported.