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Amsterdam’s Sephardi Synagogue Holds Tercentenary Celebrations

Amsterdam’s Sephardi synagogue last weekend began celebrating its tercentenary. The 50-minute commemorative ceremony which opened the festivities on Saturday was attended by Dutch Crown Princess Beatrix, Justice Minister Andries van Agt, Mayor Ivo Samkalden, Israel’s Sephardic Chief Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef, Israel’s Ambassador to The Hague Hanan Bar On, and about 1800 guests.

The representative of the World Sephardi Federation, Reuben Kashani of Israel, presented the Federation’s illustrated Hebrew booklet on the history of Dutch Jewry, published for the occasion.

A concert last night of liturgical music drew an audience of 1200, Rabbi Yosef introduced the concert. The cantors were; Rabbi Moshe Zerbib of France, Avraham Abinun of England. Avraham Lopes Cardozo of New York, Avraham Beniso of Gibraltar, and Prof, Hans Bloomendal of Amsterdam. Celebrations for the tercentenary will continue throughout the week.