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Non-aligned Nations Approve PLO Membership; Expected Petition to Oust Israel is Not Circulated

The conference of nonaligned nations today formally approved the membership of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). Meanwhile, the Arab states did not circulate their expected petition to seek the ouster of Israel from the United Nations but instead urged the conference to support efforts to force Israel to give up territory occupied since the Six-Day War of 1967.

The Arabs are also proposing the creation of a standing committee to work out plans for the implementation of decisions against Israel adopted by the 1973 Algiers non-alignment conference, last year’s Arab summit in Rabat and the March meeting of foreign ministers of the non-aligned countries in Havana.

Diplomatic observers said that the creation of the committee could result in the indefinite postponement of the proposal to seek Israel’s ouster from the UN despite the fact that the Arab resolution carried the word “expulsion” along with military and economic sanctions as a means of punishing Israel under the UN Charter.