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Neo-nazis Call for Disbandment of West Berlin Jewish Community, Legal Proceedings Against Jewish Lea

Heinz Galinski chairman of the West Berlin Jewish community has urged the authorities to take action against the neo-Nazi National Socialist German Labor Party (NSDAP) which has called for the disbandment of the West Berlin Jewish community and its institutions and for legal proceedings against the Jewish leadership.

Galinski approached Kurt Neubauer, a member of the Berlin Senate who is currently chairman of the Conference of Interior Ministers of the German Laender (provinces), to discuss moves to counter the recent upsurge of Nazi propaganda. He warned against complacency and against the tendency to dismiss such groups as the NSDAP as lunatic fringe right-wingers.

“We all know what the ravings of even a small number of political psychopaths can lead to. One should not only think of the present but should keep in mind possible developments in the future and never forget the lessons of the past,” Galinski said.

A publication distributed by a so-called “Circle of Friends of the NSDAP” which has a Hamburg address, described Galinski and Austrian Nazi-hunter Simon Wiesenthal as “accusers of the German nation.” It added ominously, “We all know what we can do about it and we must do it.”

Galinski observed that “A short while ago no body would have believed that the dissemination of such material was possible in our country.” Among other things, the NSDAP publication urged its readers and sympathizers to familiarize themselves with Hitler’s autobiography “Mein Kampf” and discuss it at their regular meetings.