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Anti-zionist Resolution Blasted by Latin American Jewish Congress, Buenos Aires Lawyers Association

Strong protests against the General Assembly’s anti-Zionist resolution were made here by the Latin American Jewish Congress and the Buenos Aires Lawyers Association. The LJ Congress released a statement expressing the solidarity of South American Jewry with Israel and the principles of Zionism. It observed that the countries which voted for the resolution included many which did little to combat racism or advance human rights within their own borders.

As for some of the others, they incomprehensibly ignored the basic principles of international co-existence to single out the Jewish people as the only ones whose right to self-determination was questioned, the LJ Congress statement said.

The Lawyers Association characterized the anti-Zionist measure as a covert revival of ancient discriminatory practices. It said that to brand Zionism as racism lacked any foundation and contradicted the principles of the UN, the organization that once affirmed Zionism by creating the State of Israel which is the expression of Zionism. The lawyers warned that by adopting the resolution, the UN endangered its own existence no less than that of Israel.

The newspaper, La Prensa, called the resolution the most blatant expression of persecutory racism since the end of World War II. La Prensa was the only local newspaper so far to comment editorially on the resolution. Argentina abstained on the anti-Zionist resolution Monday night.