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House Resolution Asks Ford to Withhold New Aid to Nations That Voted for the Anti-zionist Measure

The House International Relations Committee unanimously voted today a resolution calling on President Ford not to make any new U.S. aid commitments to any nation that voted for the United Nations resolution equating Zionism with racism, “or for similar measures” pending full-scale review by the Congress of U.S. military and economic assistance to those nations.

The committee’s resolution, introduced by Rep Donald Fraser (D, Minn,),.also asked Ford to identify those UN programs which no longer may be compatible with U.S, principles and interests and submit them to Congress within 90 days. Under the foreign aid-bill now before Congress, the Administration has asked funds for Bahrain, Brazil, Cyprus, Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Malta, Portugal, Syria and Turkey, all of which voted for the anti-Zionist resolution.