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Kahane Warns Jewish Militants in U.S. May Kidnap Soviet Diplomats in an Effort to Aid Soviet Jews

Rabbi Meir Kahane, founder of the Jewish Defense League, warned today that Jewish militants in the U.S. may kidnap Soviet diplomats as part of a stepped-up campaign on behalf of Soviet Jewry. Appearing at a press conference here. Kahane said this would happen unless the Americans and Russians got together to solve the problem of Soviet Jews. He said in that case he was prepared to “mediate” with the JDL and other militant groups to modify their action, but if not, “blessed be those who are doing what Jews have to do.”

Kahane’s threats were endorsed by two prominent Soviet Jewish emigres who appeared at the press conference with him. Silva Zalmanson and Alexander Tiemkin. Zalmanson said she supported Kahane’s group because “at least they do something.” Tiemkin said “This is the only language the Russians can understand.”