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Allon: if Israel is Suspended from UN Assembly Several Western States Are Expected to Leave in Prote

Foreign Minister Yigal Allon warned last night that if Israel were suspended from the forthcoming UN General Assembly several leading Western countries would “suspend themselves” from the Assembly in protest. Addressing a meeting of Labor Party leaders in Tel Aviv, Allon said he based his prediction on solid knowledge.

Addressing the same meeting, called to boost the party’s preparations for its membership drive and internal elections, Premier Yitzhak Rabin attacked Hebrew University Prof. Yigael Yadin, who has publicly challenged him for the Premiership. Without mentioning the soldier-turned-archaeologist by name, Rabin denounced “false messiahs” who had emerged to “retroactively” discover that there was political rot in the Israeli establishment. Yadin made the “rot” charge in a speech in Tel Aviv over the weekend.

“Our democratic system is being challenged.” Rabin said. “A period of messianism has begun…Messiahs who suddenly find rot everywhere. For 20 years they were quiet….” The Premier noted that Jewish history had been plagued by false messiahs.