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Massive Security at Olympics As Police Check out Reports of Terrorist Gang on Way to Montreal

The massive tight security mounted by Canada for the Olympic Games became even tighter today as authorities were checking on a report that a terrorist group was on its way from West Germany to Montreal by way of Australia.

The report was the latest scare rumor to hit Montreal which has put on the biggest security operation in history to protect the 7000 athletes competing in the Olympics. The heaviest security in force has been for the Israelis in the wake of the murder of 11 Israeli athletes by Arab terrorists at the Munich Olympics in 1972.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have been called almost daily to check a report that “Carlos,” the Venezuelan-born leader of Arab terrorist gangs, has been spotted in Montreal.

Canadian officials said the latest report, which came from “regular channels” as well as the news media, were sketchy and unconfirmed. The reports claim that five men and a woman want from West Germany to Australia and may be heading for Canada.

Canadian officials insist that all possible precautions have been taken to guard the athletes in the Olympic village which is virtually an armed camp. Armed troops accompany the athletes to and from the stadium; plainclothes police mingle with the crowds and security helicopters hover overhead.