WZO Executive Rejects Klarman’s Demands on WZO Congress Elections
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WZO Executive Rejects Klarman’s Demands on WZO Congress Elections

The World Zionist Organization Executive rejected yesterday demands by Yosef Klarman, a leader of Herut and the WZO’s youth aliya director, that the Zionist Congress Court check the legality of not holding elections for the next World Zionist Congress and of his charge that the elections for the last congress were illegal. He was told to take his charges to the WZO’s legal advisors first.

Klarman, Herut’s representative on the Zionist General Council, was one of the strongest dissenters when the council decided in July to forego elections for the congress in those countries where 90 percent of the Zionist Federations agreed upon a slate of delegates beforehand. He had urged the WZO to postpone the congress, scheduled for January, 1977, for three months to allow the elections to be held.

In his other claim, Klarman charged that the elections to the last Zionist Congress were not legal since many members of Zionist Federations had not signed the “Jerusalem Program” as required.

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