Wiesenthal Says Nazi Literature Distributed World-wide from U.S.
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Wiesenthal Says Nazi Literature Distributed World-wide from U.S.

Simon Wiesenthal, head of the Jewish Documentation Center here, has informed American authorities that Nazi literature is distributed and mailed to many parts of the world from the United States. In a letter to the U.S. Embassy in Vienna, he said that the Nazi leaflet, “NS-Kampfruf” (Battle Cry), is mailed from an address in Arlington, Va. Wiesenthal identified this leaflet as “the organ of the foreign organization of the German Nazi Party.”

The Nazi-hunter said the person responsible for the mailing is Mathias Kohl, of 2507 North Franklin Road, Arlington. Kohl, Wiesenthal said, also mails the newspaper, “White Power,”anti-Semitic leaflets and bibliographies of Nazi literature in several languages. “White Power” is the official organ of the American Nazi Party which is headquartered in Arlington.

The addresses of persons receiving this material include Germany, Austria, Argentina and other Latin American countries, many of whom never ordered the material, Wiesenthal said. The American Charge d’Affaires, Francis J. Meehan, informed Wiesenthal that he brought the information to the attention of the State Department in Washington.

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