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Costa Rica Praises Israel’s Entebbe Mission. Urges UN Assembly to Act Immediately Against Terrorism

Costa Rica today praised Israel for its rescue of hostages at Uganda’s Entebbe Airport and urged the United Nations General Assembly to act immediately to end international terrorism.

“Enough of words, enough of hesitation.” Costa Rican Foreign Minister Gonzalo J. Facio told the Assembly. “What is needed is glorious acts such as Entebbe.” He said Israel should feel “proud in setting a precedent in acting against terrorism.”

Facio said the attack on Israel in the Security Council after the Entebbe rescue was reminiscent of the hatred that led to the murder of six million Jews by the Nazis. He praised Israeli Ambassador Chaim Herzog as a “new Emile Zola” for his “J’Accuse” at the Council meeting last July in which he attacked those who support terrorism or close their eyes to it.

Noting that there was no UN when Hitler murdered the Jews and many were able to justify inaction, Facio declared that this is no longer possible. He said action against terrorism should know no political boundaries and there is “no excuse for this Assembly” not to act or to “attempt to justify what is not justifiable.” He said the Assembly must condemn terrorism “whatever the motive” and act to end it.