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Klm Council Rejects Attack on Anne Frank House Exhibition by Its Representative in Chile

The Council of the Dutch Aviation Company, KLM, has issued a protest against the action of the KLM representative in Chile for criticizing an exhibition at the Anne Frank House here which denounces the Chilean regime for being fascist. Chilean tourists who visited the House complained about the exhibition and KLM, which sponsors a tour to the site was asked to issue a statement.

The KLM representative in Chile wrote that the Anne Frank House is currently used as “a political instrument against the present Chilean government and is offensive to the Chileans, including the Chilean Jews who live in a country where no restrictions or problems exist in the fields of race and religion.” He advised the KLM to eliminate the House from its list of tourist attractions in Holland.

The KLM Council, which comprises representatives of all KLM personnel, is demanding that the KLM Directorate publicly disassociate itself from the statement of its Chilean representative.