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Carter Says His Administration Will Not Consider Israel’s Survival and Security As Negotiable

President-elect Jimmy Carter, in his first post-election commitment on Middle East policy, told the American Jewish Committee today that “the issue of the very security and survival of the State of Israel” will not be considered “negotiable” by his Administration. In a letter to Elmer L. Winter, president of the AJCommittee, released here at the opening of the annual meeting of its top policy-making National Executive Council, Carter said:

“I can assure you that genuine peace and reconciliation in the Middle East will be among the very highest and earliest priorities of my Administration. I can also assure all countries involved that I will support every reasonable opportunity to produce a fair and responsible settlement for all elements involved in that tragic and dangerous conflict.

“I welcome reports of accommodations and compromises. But I repeat to you what I have said over and over again: there will be no change in my basic commitment that the issue of the very security and survival of the State of Israel is not negotiable. The sooner and the better this is understood, the sooner progress can be made toward a lasting and genuine peace.”