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Black Jew Says Israel Not Racist

An Ethiopian Black Jew who is a student at Ohio State University, says it “is absolutely untrue” that Israel is a racist country, a charge frequently leveled by its Arab foes. Yaacov Dan, who described himself as a native of Ethiopia who settled in Israel several years ago, made his statement in a letter to the Ohio State Lantern, a campus newspaper, according to the Black-Jewish Information Center here.

“To my sorrow, I have encountered many Black people, who, because of their exposure to Arab propaganda, believe Israel to be a racist country,” Dan wrote. “This is absolutely untrue. I have found more discrimination right here in the United States in the few months I have been here than in all the years I have lived in Israel. “He suggested that Israelis who came from Arab countries be asked about discrimination because “these people were treated in a despicable manner and only because they were Jews. I just want to say to all who read this, and especially if you are Black, that Israel and her people are definitely not racist. I urge anyone who has any doubt to come to Israel and see for yourself,” he wrote.