Kollek, Tohami Agree on Jerusalem
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Kollek, Tohami Agree on Jerusalem

Mayor Teddy Kollek said yesterday that he agrees with Egyptian Deputy Prime Minister Hassan el Tohami as to the establishment of separate municipal councils in Jerusalem, but cautioned that this was on the condition that Jerusalem remain under Israeli sovereignty with one mayor.

In an interview with a Maariv correspondent in Rabat, Tohami had said that Egyptian President Anwar Sadat promised the U.S. and Israel that the Israeli capital would remain united and that the solution would be the establishment of two separate municipal councils–one Arab and one Jewish–which would be under one united Jerusalem municipal council.

“For almost ten years I have believed that the solution for Jerusalem rests in dividing the city into quarters, each of which would be managed independently. “Kollek said.”Each could have its own council and own regional mayor. However, this would be within the framework of one city, the capital of Israel. Israeli sovereignty over the city would thus not be lessened.” Kollek added that he was certain agreement could be reached on the issue, citing London and West Berlin as examples.

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