ZOA Raps Criticism by Lza

The leader of the Zionist Organization of America has accused the leader of the Labor Zionist Alliance of acting contrary to the desired goal of a “united Jewish community” in support of Israel. Ivan J. Novick, president of the ZOA, took LZA president Prof. Allen Pollack sharply to task for a statement issued by Pollack a week ago criticizing Israeli Agriculture Minister Ariel Sharon’s recent call for intensive Jewish settlements on the West Bank and Gaza Strip over the next 20-30 years.

In a letter to Pollack, dated June 12 but released here today, Novick wrote: “You state your concern for the need of a united Jewish community.” The very fact that you issued a public statement serves the opposite purpose. The Labor Zionist Alliance should carefully review the intent of your statement and its implications, especially for the non-Jewish world as well as to Israel’s antagonists in Washington and elsewhere.” Novick added, “I am deeply disturbed that you felt it necessary to take your action at a time, as you clearly stated, is a ‘sensitive period.’ I pray that your action will not be misread by Israel’s detractors at a time when the unity you professed was so vital, must be preserved.”