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Left-wing Parties to Demand Mexico Halt Oil Sales to Israel

A group of left-wing parties will introduce a bill in the Chamber of Deputies to suspend Mexican oil sales to Israel, the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) has announced. It said it would act in concert with other leftist, progressive and “revolutionary circles” to compel Israel to evacuate “occupied Arab territories” and comply with other United Nations resolutions relating to the Palestinian people. Mexico has become a major supplier of oil to Israel since Iranian oil shipments were cut off by the Islamic regime of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

The announcement followed the release here of a joint statement by President Jose Lopez Portillo and visiting President Henryk Jablonski of Poland dealing with international affairs which stated, among other things, the need for a general peace settlement in the Middle East that would include “recognition of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.”

Meanwhile, it was learned that the SWP and other left-wing Mexican groups will be represented at a special conference of solidarity with the Arab peoples and the Palestinians to be held in Lisbon Nov. 2-6.