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Confessed Accomplice in Misgav Am Attack Implicates Norwegians

A south Lebanese youth in custody in Israel claimed today that two members of the Norwegian contingent of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) were involved in the preliminary preparations of the Arab terrorists who attacked Kibbutz Misgov Am in April.

Ibrahim al Tawil, 21, who says he was a cook employed by the Norwegian battalion, made the charge in a television interview. He claimed that two Norwegian soldiers met with representatives of the Arab Liberation Front at his home in Hirbet el-Salm village to discuss the possibility of obtaining permits from the Norwegian force for the terrorists to pass through the area it controls to the Israeli border.

Tawil was arrested last weekend by Maj-Sood Hoddad’s Christian militia in south Lebanon and turned over to Israeli authorities. He admitted to serving as a guide for the terrorists. He said on the television program that he was selected because, he is a native of the area and knows its topography. He said he made a preliminary four of the route chosen by the terrorists and acted as their scout on the night of the attack on Misgov Am. He said he saw them safely up to the Israeli border.