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Chomsky Writes Preface to Book by French Author Who Denies That Nazi Gas Chambers Ever Existed

Noam Chomsky, the American writer who is internationally famous for his works on linguistics, philosophy, history and contemporary issues, has written a preface to a book by a French historian who claims that the Nazi gas chambers never existed and that the facts about the Holocaust and the number of victims of the Holocaust have been grossly exaggerated. The French writer, Robert Flourisson, was dismissed from his past as professor at Lyons University in the woke of the scandal caused by one of his previous books on the some theme.

Chomsky states in his preface that he does not share Flourisson’s views but that he favors freedom of opinion and expression. He claims that the controversy over this subject will help reveal the real truth and the extent of Nazi atrocities in countries which were not subjected to Nazi occupation. Chomsky has written many articles over the years supporting Palestinian self-determination and criticizing Israel for its attitude toward the Palestinians.

Flourisson has been sued by various civic organizations for spreading Nazi propaganda. He considers himself a member of the extreme left in France and his new book has been published by a leftwing publishing firm close to the Trotskyist movement.